Rise Against @ House of Vans in Brooklyn, NY

Before we begin, mind you that this show was the first time being amongst the sweaty fans in the crowd in forever. Never doing it again. Alright, now to celebrate the upcoming release of their newest album “Wolves”, Rise Against decided to play a couple of shows in both Chicago and Brooklyn, New York locations of the House of Vans. After listening to Rise Against since 2006’s “The Sufferer and the Witness” (one of my all-time favorite albums), I was stoked to see Rise Against for the first time. I expected nothing less of a crazy show because Rise Against shows happen to be wild and they have the most dedicated fanbase sing every word and have fun while listening to the words of frontman/guitarist Tim McIlrath. Here goes!

After a opening set by the local New York band Dead Heavens, Rise Against came on stage and the crowd with me in it was pushing side to side, back and forth with a few people falling and busting their asses. To my expectation, Rise Against during the live performance sound exactly like the CD. Very straightforward and no backing tracks and shit. Very punk rock in general. The band managed to perform songs from their past discography and had time to squeeze in 3 new songs from their upcoming album in the middle of the set to a good reception. One in particular that I heard days before they came to Brooklyn titled “The Violence”, I thought was alright but it’s much better live as opposed to recording. For the encore, Tim McIlrath went up on stage with his acoustic guitar and played “Hero of War” as a solo performance before the full band came back and played two more songs for ending the night altogether. In the end, I felt super drenched because of being in the crowd but it was worth it for a good night. Be sure to go and pre-order the album “Wolves” which comes out June 9th on Virgin Records.

Setlist: Give It All, Black Masks & Gasoline, Satellite, Architects, Re-Education (Through Labor), Wolves (new song/live debut), Welcome to the Breakdown (new song/live debut), The Violence (new song/live debut), State of the Union, Fortunate Son (Creedence Clearwater Revival cover), Everchanging, Survive, Prayer of the Refugee. Encore: Hero of War (solo acoustic), Blood-Red, White & Blue, Savior.


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