The American Nightmare Tour. Night 1 in NYC.

Monday, March 20th was the day that the chaos in New York City started. The chaos being the American Nightmare Tour with Bring Me the Horizon, Underoath and Beartooth at Terminal 5. It was a completely sold out show so they added a second show but I was all for the first night altogether. I really was anticipating the show for months now since I bought a ticket in the Bowery area and the plus side was seeing Bring Me the Horizon live at the level they are at now since they have gotten bigger over the last few years. Chaos and a flock of scene kids were expected so I knew what I was getting myself into when going into the show. Here’s what went down.

Ohio’s own Beartooth were the openers and they set the stage for everything that was to come after. This was my 3rd time seeing Beartooth live. Of course there was lots of jumping and loud voices that “made the earth shake” while Beartooth were performing on stage. Everything sounded tight live with no fuckups and Conor Dennis (ex-Being as an Ocean), Beartooth’s touring drummer is always the best to watch live because he makes drumming look so easy. The rhythm section was good too and Caleb Shomo was just being Caleb, having fun on stage while singing and screaming his lyrics to the hundreds of people in the venue who were either seeing Beartooth live for the first time or have been following the band since the very beginning. Good set in the end and even if they played a couple songs off of the Aggressive album (which I wasn’t really big on), it was a good start to the show.

Setlist: Aggressive, Body Bag, Sick of Me, The Lines, Fair Weather Friend, In Between, Hated.

Last time I saw Underoath live was just last year when they reunited and they played both They’re Only Chasing Safety and Define the Great Line albums from front to back. Great show that was and I was looking forward to seeing them again after a year had gone by and they still haven’t lost a step when it comes to their live performance. Despite a couple of sound hiccups which weren’t on their part but it had to do with the sound system cutting in and out for a millisecond and on one or two songs. Sound hiccups could never stop Underoath as they were troopers and put on a good set. To be honest, the band have never sounded bad at all. They even added two songs from the Lost in the Sound of Separation album and one off of the Disambiguation album (which Aaron Gillespie wasn’t on because he had left the band at the time the album was recorded). Of course, the songs off the aforementioned albums were the top hits of the night that had everyone singing along and just having fun. Before the end of their set, the band had promised to be back in New York City next year to play for their fans again. Definitely going to be there for that because it’s Underoath! No question!

Setlist: Everyone Looks So Good From Here, In Regards to Myself, It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door, A Moment Suspended in Time, A Boy Brushed Red Living in Black and White, Breathing In a New Mentality, Emergency Broadcast: The End is Near, Illuminator, There Could Be Nothing After This, Reinventing Your Exit, Writing on the Walls.

Up next were the headliners all the way from the UK. Funny story is that I thought that the show was going to be the first time ever seeing Bring Me the Horizon live but I remembered that I saw them back in 2009 on the Taste of Chaos Tour with Thursday, Cancer Bats, Four Year Strong and Pierce the Veil. But years have passed since then and people were in for a treat when the lads took the stage while the gigantic movie screen spelling “SPIRIT” while the people were screaming along with words. Moments later, the confetti string exploded and the set was under way. During “Happy Song” when Oli was singing the verses, his voice was being drowned the voices of the audience singing to the top of their lungs. The venue felt like it was getting too overcrowded at times during set due to the many times Oli commanded that the pit get larger for certain moments during their set. There were one or two moments where just like with Underoath, the sound would be cutting in and out but that would never throw the band off but it kind of was an annoyance to certain people who were trying to watch the band. Obviously the epic moment came when they were performing “Shadow Moses” and the loud voices became deafening: “THIS IS SEMPITERNAL!”. Oli live during the show sounded like his voice was in good condition throughout the night and would even at times bring back the high-pitched shrieks and his deathcore lows from back in the day and still have a good singing voice. As I mentioned before, the band was playing with a gigantic screen behind them and would show movies and visuals that catered to each song as the set went on. Definitely made for a great show and I felt like I was watching the scene version of Coldplay. Even some folks in the audience who were old enough to be my parents were singing along and having fun as well even singing along to “Drown” which was the final encore song of the night. By then I had to exit the venue early because I wasn’t about to get caught in the human traffic like when the Senses Fail show ended.

Setlist: Happy Song, Go to Hell, For Heavens Sake, The House of Wolves, Avalanche, Shadows Moses, Chelsea Smile, Follow You, Sleepwalking, Doomed, Can You Feel My Heart, Antivist, Throne. Encore: True Friends, Oh No, Drown.


Show score: 4.5/5



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