After the Burial’s Carry the Flame Tour. Live at Webster Hall 3/19/17.

Last time I saw After the Burial live in concert during the Sumerian 10-year Anniversary Tour, it was a 10/10 performance. Now that they’re on their Carry the Flame headlining tour, I was expecting the same result. With a couple of support bands, they made sure that they were going to begin their year the right way and not have their fans leave disappointed. After watching Senses Fail and Counterparts the night before, I was looking forward to this show being that it was Day 2 of my 3-day weekend string of shows and it was the heaviest one in between. Here’s what transpired.

First band that opened the show was Invent, Animate. I have heard a couple of their songs before but never really were into them. They had a pretty good set tonight. Had a few people mosh during their set even had a moment where one person I’ve seen at shows try to cheap shot someone in the pit but looked like it was the lightest punch I’ve ever seen thrown (Lmao). Other than that, there wasn’t too much movement from the rest of the audience. Overall, Invent, Animate sounded good and even had Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King come do a guest vocal spot during a live performance on one of the songs during their set. Even if it doesn’t have me looking forward to seeing Invent, Animate live, it was a decent start to what was a good night.

Setlist: Darkbloom, Naturehold (feat. Ryan Kirby of Fit for a King), White Wolf, Dead Roots, Celestial Floods.

Fit for an Autopsy was up next and being that they were one of the hometown bands (according to frontman Joe Bad), I was looking to forward to seeing their show again after seeing them with Acacia Strain and Counterparts almost 2 years ago. Being that they now have a new album out titled The Great Collapse, I was expecting the set to be full of songs from the new album and their last album Absolute Hope Absolute Hell. Of course, their set never lets down whatsoever. Joe Bad’s pipes are as strong as ever and his band is musically tight during the live performance that had you headbanging all the way through. Just good sounding live deathcore all the way around. Good crowd participation surpassing the reaction during Invent, Animate’s set with people screaming along to the words and pit activity. Afterwards, I got to shoot the shit with Joe Bad and Tim Howley afterwards and talk Blackcraft clothing and congratulate them on their new album. If you haven’t already, pick it up and show support. Good and anti-stale deathcore at it’s finest.

Setlist: Absolute Hope Absolute Hell, Still We Destroy, Saltwound, Heads Will Hang, Iron Moon, Flatlining.

Fit for a King was up next and even after a bad start to the tour due to their equipment being stolen, they still managed to perform a good set. Mixed with songs that spanned from the Creation/Destruction album down to the most recent album Deathgrip, it definitely brought the moshing out of the woodwork. My god. The boys from Texas still sound as good as ever and never losing their energy. Third to fourth time seeing them play live, might I add. Not too much to say about their set except for great crowd participation, good energy being exchanged back a forth between the band and the audience and the songs off of Deathgrip sound good live. Definitely a good set.

Setlist: The End’s Beginning, Pissed Off, Hollow King (Sound of the End), Stacking Bodies, Shadows & Echoes, Dead Memory, Disease, Slave to Nothing.

Now for the band everyone I’m sure was waiting to see. Glass Cloud with Frankie Palmeri on vocals (which is being marketed as Emmure). Now since Frankie Palmeri is the hometown “antichrist”, I’m sure there were very few of his followers present but we all know that people wanted to see the band play live just because of Josh Travis on guitar. There was definitely some talk from the few people in front of me yelling that they were good before and what happened to them and they suck and whatnot. Even if most of the set was just Glass Cloud covering past Emmure songs for the people in attendance, the energy was unreal with much crowd participation. And the songs off the album Look at Yourself which was just released weeks earlier on Sharptone Records sound good live as well as on recording and of course Josh Travis is a monster on guitar with tremendous stage presence. The rest of the Glass Cloud members, which include Phil Lockett on bass and Josh Miller on drums, killed it as well. But of course, Frankie Palmeri’s the frontman so of course people would have to look at him do his usual shit but of course all eyes were on Josh Travis the whole time. It’s basically the “Limp Bizkit Effect” whereas Fred Durst would be doing his thing on stage and people would look at Wes Borland instead. Afterwards, people managed to leave afterwards leaving a lot of people still in attendance wondering if After the Burial would have people left to watch their set.

Setlist: Bring a Gun to School, Nemesis, N.I.A. (News In Arizona), Torch, Sunday Bacon, I Thought You Met Telly and Turned Me Into Casper, Russian Hotel Aftermath, Flag of the Beast, Most Hated, 4 Poisons 3 Words, E, Children of Cybertron.

Need not to worry because After the Burial and they killed it and those who left in attendance show them what their music does for them. The set consisted of lots of chugging grooves, tight musicianship. crowd surfing, stage diving, the whole shebang. All in all, it was nothing short of amazingness and tremendous talent provided by After the Burial. Just for surprise sake, the band incorporated a couple of old songs from their very first album Forging a Future Self prior to releasing the rest of their albums on Sumerian Records. I for one have never heard their older material before so hearing them live was great stuff and had me going home to hear them on recording. For the encore performance, frontman Anthony Notarmaso, addressed the audience who wanted to hear one more song being played that the song that they were going to perform was a very special song that would mean shit ton to them for the rest of their lives and it was dedicated to their late guitarist Justin Lowe and had the audience hold up lighters or cellphones in the air as the very first notes were being played before the madness started. Of course, people went mental at the breakdown after the trendy airhorn part. After the band got off stage, the fans left happy and recovering from a great night altogether. Even if they had a couple more dates on the tour to go but safe to say that the New York show was one of the best shows that ATB and the rest of the bands have had so far.

Setlist: Lost in the Static, Collapse, Anti-Pattern, Your Troubles Will Cease and Fortune Will Smile Upon You, Aspiration, Deluge, Pi (The Mercury God of Infinity), A Steady Decline, Fingers Like Daggers, Berzerker, Cursing Akhenaten, A Wolf Amongst Ravens. Encore: Laurentian Ghosts.

Show score: 4.5/5


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