15 Years of Senses Fail, Live at Webster Hall

After a few days since the Born of Osiris show was postponed, I was anticipating the Senses Fail show to start off the 3-day weekend string of shows. The tour they were on was to celebrate 15 years of Senses Fail and also to play their 2006 full-length album Still Searching in full. Now my first actual taste of Senses Fail music was in the year 2006 when I first heard the Still Searching album on the way to work or I was heading up to White Plains. But anyways, being a full-blown metalcore kid and was looking for something outside of the norm and Senses Fail was the gateway to post-hardcore music and I haven’t strayed far from that ever since. As soon as I heard they were going to perform the full album at Webster Hall, I had to get my ticket ASAP and relive good music especially when they brought along Counterparts for the ride. Pretty much, the reason for attending the show was to see both Senses Fail and Counterparts on the same stage so let’s jump right in.

First band that played was a band called Like Pacific, a pop-punk band from Ontario, Canada. I have heard their name many times when reading music news or tours and whatnot but never really listened to them. I kept thinking I saw them with Vanna one time but then I realized it was actually Rarity, which I enjoy their music. But first time seeing Like Pacific live, I caught the last couple of songs from their set. They weren’t bad but I don’t see myself listening to them anytime soon. Pretty good set from them with very few people at the front singing along and they ended with a little hardcore improve song that had people mosh for a bit since Counterparts was coming up later and just to have a little fun with the audience.

Up next was Movements from California. This band is also another one I haven’t heard before but if Senses Fail has them as support for their tour, they must be good and hopefully was little better than Like Pacific. Turns out they were better because as soon as I got home from the show, I immediately listened to their EP titled Outgrown Things. Now these guys kind of reminded me a little bit of Trophy Eyes. Their style was post-hardcore mixed with a bit pop punk but not the happy-go-lucky style of pop punk. They blended both really well and the vocalist Patrick Miranda had a pretty good singing voice with a little bit of an edge to it but in between songs he was a laid back guy when he addressed the audience and thanking them for listening and encouraged them to buy their merch if they liked what they heard. Pretty good set by them and they even added a never heard new song that will be on their upcoming release that they recorded and will be released on Fearless Records late this year.

Setlist: Protection, Hatchet, Nineteen, Colorblind (New song), Vacant Home, Worst Wishes, Kept.

After Movements came one of my favorite modern day melodic hardcore bands, Counterparts. Being that it was my second time seeing them, I expected a set nothing short of insane and energetic because last time I saw them with The Acacia Strain and Fit for an Autopsy, they brought it when they played live. They’re supposed to have a new album come out this year so I was anticipating a new song or two and the merch they had was kind of giving a vibe that their new material would have a theme to it or something. Even if I didn’t hear any new music, they still played a great set and not letting down anyone. Songs from the set spanning from their Difference Between Home Between Hell and Home and Tragedy Will Find Us albums with a song from The Current Will Carry Us along with the then fully packed house made for a great set-up for Senses Fail to come up afterwards. Vocalist Brendan Murphy sometime during the set said that the reason he is in a band was because of Senses Fail and that he and his band were excited to be on the tour with them and to help celebrate 15 years of Senses Fail. After their set was finished, I was glad to have been reminded on why I like Counterparts so much musically on album and live performance.

Setlist: Stranger, Stillborn, Witness, Outlier, Ghost, Choke, Collapse, Solace, The Disconnect, Burn.

Then came that everyone in the house was way too excited to see. The Garden State’s own Senses Fail. Just to hear the album that gave me a first glimpse of post-hardcore was going to be great time so I expected nothing less of loud singing from the crowd and Buddy Nielsen and Co. (which consisted of new faces on lead guitar and bass respectively) giving the people of New York City in attendance something to talk about. Still Searching from front to back sounded just as good live as it did on recording all those years ago and they sound so much better in Drop C in my opinion. Remember though, what I may say doesn’t make me right. Hearing my favorites “Bonecrusher” and “All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues” live along with the rest of the album made my night. They also squeezed in about two songs from the deluxe edition of the album before they performed an encore consisting of songs from other past albums and one from their newest acoustic EP release In Your Absence. During songs Buddy Nielsen would talk about how Senses Fail was close to breaking up again because he didn’t know the direction that the band would go in and thought they were finished. Also how he wanted to end his own life while he was in a dark time in his life to many people’s dismay but overtime he realized that being on stage and playing music was his life and it changed his life perspective and they are going to be recording a new album set to be released later this year. Supposedly after the last two great albums which were more on the hardcore side and was dark, their newest full-length is going to be more on the side of the “Let It Enfold You” and “Still Searching” albums, like the old school Senses Fail style making a return but with a modern day twist, of course. Singing along with the songs “Family Tradition” “Buried a Lie” and “Bite to Break Skin” was the perfect end to the night and set. I even managed to purchase a Still Searching flag, which I will hang in my room sometime soon. Amazing set, amazing night!

Setlist: The Rapture, Bonecrusher, Sick or Sane (Fifty for a Twenty), Can’t Be Saved, Calling All Cars, Shark Attack, Still Searching, To All the Crowded Rooms, Lost and Found, Every Day Is a Struggle, All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues, Negative Space, The Priest and the Matador, Stretch Your Legs to Coffin Length, Mason’s Revenge. Encore: Family Tradition, Jets to Peru, Buried a Lie, Blackout, Bite to Break Skin.


Show score: 4/5


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