Beartooth/Stray from the Path/My Ticket Home at The Emporium Show Review

Now we’re in the month of May and the weather still feels like Fall chilly weather. But oh well, everybody’s wearing his or her hoodies still and it feels great. Aside from all the chilly “Sprall” weather, Beartooth and Stray from the Path are on tour now and they stopped by The Emporium in Patchogue, Long Island almost half way through the tour. After the Underoath and The Used shows in late April, this was the one show I was looking forward to seeing and the trip would be a long one but worth it. Safe to say that this is Beartooth’s second ever headlining tour and I wasn’t expecting anything less from them or their touring support so let’s dive right in.

After the opening band Former (fronted by ex-Sleeping With Sirens guitarist Brandon McMaster) performed their set and have gone offstage, My Ticket Home was next up to bring their ferocious style of Puke Rock from their hometown of Columbus, Ohio to the crowd in attendance at the Emporium. After seeing them at Club Slake in New York City late last year, I was blown away from how good and raw they sounded live and I loved their album Strangers Only so after reading that they were on Beartooth’s tour, I had to see them again. Partly to hear some new material they had finished recording in the studio, which is set to drop later this year. MTH had a good response overall and had a couple of crowd surfers throughout their set especially during a new song they played live and had people also some young hardcore dudes in the pit throwing down. Other than that, not much to say about the band’s performance as they sound like how they do on CD live. Be on the lookout for My Ticket Home’s new album or EP later this year and for those who are holding their breaths looking for them to go back to how they sounded before, keep holding your breaths until you turn blue in the face. Hopefully they can get signed soon to release their new music. Hopefully Tom from Stray from the Path can sign them to his label. For a taste of what’s the come, check out a live video of a new song I filmed of the band the last time they played in New York City:

Setlist: Spit Not Chewed, Ayahuasca, For All the Flies (new song), Teenage Cremation, Hot Soap, Kick Rocks.

Up next were the hometown heroes from Long Island, Stray from the Path. Since it was the local show for these guys, I was hoping for a huge crowd turnout, a poppin’ reception and the show to sell out because of them. But of course since Beartooth was headlining, not too many people were going to show but overall, Stray still put on a show for their home turf. Even if I had liked Stray’s music before, I respect them a lot more now because of Drew York addressing the crowd explaining that the band was a very outspoken band and that they didn’t have to put on a front to get more fan likes on social media and always write their music with a message from the bottom of their hearts and never holding back. As I have missed many opportunities to see Stray from the Path’s live set in full, luckily this one made me happy to have seen what they have brought to the game for so many years. Lots of energy from the band and their fans fed off of it creating circle pits during a few songs, more crowd surfing and loud voices. It was cool to see Dan Bourke, their now former drummer backstage watching his boys tear the stage up as he also watches the new drummer Craig Reynolds play his parts on the songs. Of course, they had to play the song “Talking Tragedy” that they wrote in tribute to their friends in The Ghost Inside as they recover from their bus accident. Nothing short of a great show overall and makes me look forward to seeing them again sometime soon.

Setlist: Outbreak, Badge and a Bullet, Pt. II, Black Friday, D.I.E.P.I.G., Shots Fired, Snap, Talking Tragedy, Badge and a Bullet, First World Problem Child.

Now the band that the people have been waiting all night for: Beartooth. Fresh off a couple singles that they have dropped off their upcoming album titled Aggressive, they are out on a headlining tour to promote the album and showcase their brand of melodic hardcore with catchy post-hardcore choruses. After Stray from the Path’s energetic set, Beartooth came out and made the crowd go completely nuts having the whole floor of the venue jump up and down while Caleb Shomo screamed and sang the lyrics that so many young kids can relate to as they were sung loudly back at him. Even some dudes my age or a few years younger were into them. I have seen Beartooth many times whether it was a live show or a live video, Caleb’s vocals were kinda sounding slightly off or he had gotten tired too easily back in the day but it wasn’t the case tonight as it was nonstop energy all through their set. Also, Connor Denis, the band’s current touring drummer, did a really good job performing the drum parts to the songs with full ability and energy as I have seen in his work with Being as an Ocean. The new songs off the upcoming album were well received by the fans as they had already knew the words beforehand which also makes me look forward to hearing the full album when it drops on June 3rd.

Setlist: The Lines, Relapsing, Dead, Aggressive (new song), I Have a Problem, Keep Your American Dream, Beaten in Lips, Always Dead (new song), In Between. Encore song: Body Bag.

At the end of the show, I would say it was a good start to the month of May, show wise. Energy never let down and all bands had a good reception all afternoon since the show was an early show that began at 5pm and ended after 8pm which was kind of odd for a few people that didn’t understand why. Overall rating of the show for me stands at a 3.5 out of 5 as I had missed a couple of songs of Former’s set as I arrived at the venue but My Ticket Home, Stray from the Path and Beartooth really gave the crowd something to go home looking forward to later this year when their respective albums are released even if Stray’s album Subliminal Criminals was already released on Sumerian Records last year.


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