Two Day Show Reviews: The Word Alive Dark Matter Tour (Part 1 of 2)

Two days. Two show reviews. Day one was the Dark Matter Tour with The Word Alive, Fit for a King, Out Came the Wolves and an opening band on a specific date on the tour. The Dark Matter Your was a platform for the Word Alive to perform songs form their upcoming full-length album titled Dark Matter coming out on March 18th. Once I read about Telle’s description of the album in Alternative Press magazine and “Trapped” being released as the first single, I was curious as to how the rest of the album would sound like and I bought a ticket to the show. Since I’m in New York City, the tour took place at Gramercy Theatre with a local band from New York City opening the show. I was kind of still recovering from the madness that was the Sumerian Record 10 Year anniversary tour so I wasn’t expecting too much except for the Word Alive set and it was the perfect time to catch their set too after many missed opportunities to see them live. So let’s jump right in.

The opening band was Staten Island’s own Zoume who had just put out a new music video directed by Alex Kouvatsos of Blackwolf Imaging. Too bad the music video didn’t make up for what I was watching live on stage. After the band entered the stage to the Undertaker theme from WWE, they jumped into their five-song set of original material that didn’t impress me in the least bit. Aside from the poorly choreographed stage show and the drummer playing like he was trying to keep up with the rest of the band, they had a decent reception only by personal friends of the band who came out to watch them perform. I know there are fans of the band out there somewhere that would enjoy their music but just don’t expect them on my “Best of” lists anytime soon.

Next band up were from Minneapolis, Minnesota called Out Came the Wolves. They are a new band that the Word Alive decided to take out on tour. I didn’t know or have heard any of their material going into the show but after their set tonight, I can say they have a good set of songs that people would come to like overtime the tour continues on. They definitely have a melodic hard rock feel to their sound even if they are a post-hardcore/alternative rock band in my opinion. Songs ranging from melodic clean sung songs to a few heavy ones, they have a while until they ink a deal with a label. But a good set they put on nonetheless and are a couple of nice dudes. Check them out on Facebook ( and there you will find links to their Youtube channel where their three singles are released.

Setlist: Kodiak, Queen Mary, Baby Blue, Bleed, I Love Hate You, 96.

Fit for a King was up next and for my third time seeing them live, they still know how to put on a show and definitely had the crowd wake up and mosh hard to the set. Ryan Kirby and Ryan O’Leary’s vocals never let down and the band are tight live as always. If only they performed some new songs from their new album they had finished recording but that album won’t come out until the fall of this year. And supposedly this album will be heavier than Slave to Nothing. Looking forward to seeing them again live and hopefully we can hear some new tunes after they get all the usual band business out of the way.

Setlist: Hollow King, Bitter End, Slave to Nothing, Ancient Waters, Hooked, The Resistance, Warpath.

As previously stated, The Word Alive are the headliners on this current tour and the tour’s purpose was to showcase a couple of new songs off of Dark Matter for the fans that have supported them throughout the years of them being a band. The fans at the show were fortunate for sure because they played seven new songs in their set. Very heavy lit stage set while the band opened with two new songs titled Dreamer and Sellout, which they had put out a music video for not too long ago. It was a pretty good set opener even if fans weren’t expecting to hear fresh new songs first before the old songs. Speaking of old songs, they threw in some songs from the albums Deceiver, Life Cycles and Real including The Hounds of Anubis, 2012 and Lighthouse. The band was all full of energy and really gave it their all after many times of watching their filmed performances on Youtube and various media outlets. For the new songs, I had filmed every single one with my phone and had uploaded it to my YouTube channel, troz3861, which you can watch and hear the new songs being performed so you can get a sneak preview of their album before it comes out. Now the album from what I have read in the magazines according to frontman Telle Smith, Dark Matter is not a metalcore album so don’t get upset when you don’t get the old Word Alive sound that you grew up on. Don’t get me wrong; it’s still the same band but evolving and changing their sound up a bit as they grow. For my first time seeing them, they put on a good show with a good mix of new and old material to please their fans and a good job they did because afterwards, the members of the band came out to a warm reception from the fans about the new material and how they are excited for the album to drop. Be sure to set your calendars for March 18th and be sure to pre-order the album. I know I will be sure to buy the album and rock out.

Setlist: Dreamer, Sellout, The Hounds of Anubis, Face to Face, Grunge, 2012, Lighthouse, Made This Way, Dark Matter, Entirety, Play the Victim, Trapped. Encore song: Life Cycles.

Overall, I rate the entire show a 6.5/10 due to the opener Zoume not impressing me with their set/material, Out Came the Wolves not being well known but putting on a good performance nonetheless and Fit for a King and The Word Alive putting on good sets to close out the night. If I had it my way, I would’ve picked a better opener for the show overall but it’s all in the hands of promoters of the venue. Definitely looking forward to hearing the new material from both The Word Alive and Fit for a King coming out this year and be sure to look out for both bands on tour. Now to finish the second of the two-day show reviews with Hawthorne Heights’ 10-year anniversary of their 2006 album If Only You Were Lonely with Mest and The Ataris as direct support.


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